a sale is a love affair, jack vincent
About This Project
  • The “Love More, Sell More” mindset focuses on the emotional side of pulling customers through their purchasing process, not pushing them through your sales process.
  • The heartset is simple.  Customers know you want to get them to fall in love with you, and buy your products. But what they really want is for you to love them.
  • The top salespeople in any industry are loved by their customers. They earn that love through emotional intelligence that parallels the process of finding love, falling in love and growing a trusting relationship.

To many people not on the front lines of sales, that sounds crass. Jack’s OK with that. He likes strong reactions, because he knows he has their attention. To CEO’s, CMO’s and experienced salespeople, Jack’s found that the topic resonates.

While product knowledge is always important, the sales masters intuitively or tactically manage the psychology of the buyers.  And they are loved.

Because a sale is a love affair.